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The last three decades have seen the largest transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1% in the nation's history. The money Main Street needs to survive and thrive has been diverted to Wall Street, leaving Main Street to starve while Wall Street gorges on more “food” than it can possibly eat.

The various “Occupy” movements recognize that the system is broken in favor of the elite, who bent, broke and re-wrote the rules in their favor, resulting in an unprecedented concentration of wealth. The country can no longer afford to ignore the economic reality that “Main Street Matters,” and that we must address the needs of the 99%.



There are two problems at the heart of our country's economic crisis — foreclosures and jobs. We have launched the “Main Street Matters” campaign to initiate creative efforts to address these problems.

We have developed two programs: One brings a locally initiated solution to dealing with foreclosures. The other requires federal action to unleash the best job creation engine this country has — Main Street small businesses and the entrepreneurs who create them.



One of the most visible and literal signs of our broken financial system is the omnipresent "Foreclosure" sign. This massive  problem was created on Wall Street with Washington's complicity, but neither seems willing or capable to do anything about it. Yet the nation cannot afford to wait. If we want to stem this tide (estimated to be less than half over!), we will have to develop solutions ourselves. 

Download our action plan for how local action groups can get their county to mitigate and even stop foreclosures in that county. See "Stopping Foreclosures: A Local Action Plan". Our solution can be implemented at the county level nationwide. It does not rely on Wall Street or Washington and only needs local political will to bring it about. 

This action plan lays out four steps to dealing with the foreclosure crisis in your community. These four steps help to mitigate and in some cases stop local foreclosures. Counties desiring to stop foreclosures altogether can put in place Steps 5 & 6 in the action plan. Our section titled Solving Foreclosures details those last two steps.

See how we can take control of this problem locally and solve it.



Going hand in hand with the foreclosure problem is high unemployment and the need for the creation of millions of new jobs. How can we create those jobs?  Can we look to Wall Street or Washington? The answer is once again no. We hear much about  wealthy "job creators" needing tax breaks so that they can get on with creating the jobs the country needs. But it turns out that the wealthy are not really the source of job creation.

"Entrepreneurs are the real job creators!"


Money by itself has never created a single job. That takes an entrepreneur. They are the real job creators, but entrepreneurs need money as a tool to build their businesses and create those jobs.

Unfortunately, government regulations largely force them to go to the rich for money. Put another way, Wall Street succeeded in getting the government to require entrepreneurs (who are almost always from Main Street) to go to Wall Street for money. But Wall Street money is not the only source of money. There is actually more money collectively in the hands of Main Street (the 99%) than Wall Street (the 1%).

The problem is that those government regulations largely block us — you, me and our friends and neighbors from investing in our local communities and local companies. If the federal government will remove those barriers that prevent local money from reaching local small businesses, communities can begin to lift themselves out of the economic mess that Wall Street and Washington created for us.

There is one simple way that the federal government can bring about that change and turn on the nation's job creating engine. To find out how, see the section titled Job Creation.

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